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Mists of Pandaria: Character Creation

September 26th, 2012 at 18:09

I’ve been playing the hell out of Guild Wars 2, and not posting here because I have little to complain about that isn’t being posted directly into their suggestions forum. However, my gaming partner is unsatisfied by the lack of his favorite trinity role in that game, and so we are returning to WoW on a temporary basis to level through the newly added content as a team before quitting again.

After having done my best to ignore most news about this expansion since whatever was mentioned during the Blizzcon panels themselves, I’m going into this as blind as possible. So far, I’ve created my female pandaren monk to cover as much new content ground as possible. I know that monks have subclasses to handle all three trinity roles, and they use Chi as a resource, but I know precious little else.

I am unhappy at the complete lack of facial feature options. I really dislike the female pandaren’s face, but my “face” options in character creation are all exactly the same face with different fur patterns around my eyes. I don’t CARE how much/little color I have around my eyes and how it’s arranged. I just want to fix that dumb-looking mouth and it won’t let me! =/

I am unhappy that in order to have a pandaren with a tail, I am required to have red/brown fur. I think the brown fur looks ugly. I think it’s going to clash with the colors of my future armor sets. I want to have a panda with black or gray fur. But no! In REAL life, only RED pandas have tails, so too it must be here. I would far rather have had a “tail” selection than these lame earrings. Then I could pick between no tail, the stripy tail, and the fox-looking tail with various levels of contrast in addition to whatever fur color I chose.

I am unhappy that my hair color is determined by my fur color, and they tricked me into thinking I’d be able to change it by having a “hair color” selection there. No! I only get to have a tiny dyed streak of that color on my bangs and all the rest of my hair is BROWN. Brown brown brown boring boring BROWN. Tauren hair color is determined by fur color too, but at least they don’t get my hopes up by having a “hair color” slider that only changes the color of the bands holding my pigtails.

These hairstyle options are terrible. I have every intention of running this character to a city as soon as I can and finding a better one at the barbershop.

Oh well. There’s a certain freedom to the knowledge that a character is simply a temporary diversion instead of a real person I’ll be identifying myself with for an indefinite period of time. It’s like when I’m creating a throwaway character for testing at work, and it doesn’t matter what I name them, and I don’t have to spend twenty minutes micromanaging their facial features because it doesn’t matter.

However, this whole process really feels like the art team was not given nearly enough time on this project, or maybe they’re understaffed. Or maybe they’re just getting lazy. Whatever the reason, I am so far unimpressed with this latest expansion, and the game is definitely showing its age in a time when so many other MMOs are offering a plethora of character customization options and sliders.

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