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Pandaren children will haunt my nightmares

September 28th, 2012 at 18:14

I brought the spirit of fire to the temple, then left on my next quest. These odd little gnomes started swarming me, trying to chat with me about something or other, but I was paying little attention to what they were saying because I was trying to figure out what the hell they were.

They looked a bit like gnomes. Why are there gnomes on the Wandering Isle? Is this how I get introduced to the outside world? Gnomes swarming me in the starting area? Hmm. There’s something not quite right about their heads. I turn my camera around to get a better look… and I had to stop myself from screaming.

If my character is a dwarf dressed up like a panda-themed high school football mascot, these things are like gnomes wearing those plastic mickey mouse masks with the cutout eyes. Each one frozen in an identical, permanent creepy smile, with dark, cold, sunken eyes. They could not have made more disturbing faces if they tried. I think the pandaren halloween masks will be a great success next month.

Also, I think I’ve decided that it’s really weird how pandaren cut holes out of all of their pants for their little nubby tails. It looks really out of place. Those tails would fit just fine in pants! You don’t have to cut a hole!

Last night I was really feeling like the story was very tedious. What do you mean, I have to go find THREE MORE of these spirits? Ugh. But now that I’ve gotten towards the end of the zone, the dynamic between the two main characters is more interesting. I found the early story to be far too predictable, (Oh, the strongman appeared again, asking for a stronger material than last time? I bet this will eventually lead to me finding a material he can’t break with his face.) but I will give them credit: I was not expecting such a large river of blood, and the cinematic cutscene was a nice touch. Their faces are still hella creepy though.

The quest right after that was too vague, though. It told me to go out and find more healers, then protect them against the monsters. I went out, found a couple of healers, then stood around killing lizardmen for way longer than I probably should have, waiting for the quest to complete. When it didn’t, I eventually concluded that I had to go find more healers (even though they didn’t give me a number to go find) and that eventually did it.

I see examples of their laziness all over the place, though. Between the four or five times so far that a moving version of an NPC spawned on top of the stationary one and they overlapped for a second or two until the stationary one despawned, rather than making NPCs capable of movement, and the little cutscene after protecting the healers where the camera goes behind a tree to cover your view for three or four seconds so it can swap from the river of blood to the “happy healed all done” phase, I’m getting my immersion broken all over the place. Every few minutes I am reminded of the technical aspect of this area.

However, the environments are just plain gorgeous. It really does feel like they sank their entire budget into making beautiful new environments and didn’t bother to polish anything else. I think that’s why the majority of the advertisements for MOP are nothing but screenshots of lush jungles and temples and whatnot.

Note to self: add new mods to the setup.

Tooltip mod to move it to my cursor, or at least to a higher point on the screen, because right now the tooltip is sitting right in the middle of my minimap. It’s making it really hard to see where I’m going.

Quest tracker mod, because for some reason, the default quest tracker is only showing me two quests at a time, even when I have more. Have I completed my third quest? I have no idea. There’s a checkmark next to it in the quest log to say that it’s being tracked, and if I untrack my second quest, it shows up on the tracker, but otherwise it’s missing. Besides the fact that I can’t move it at all to be up in the top right where it needs to be.

Barely have any time to play this week due to solid overtime. I’ve been so focused on getting my UI set up for WoW that I haven’t logged into GW2 in days. Looking forward to the weekend for some solid game time, not to mention going out and getting some fresh air as well after being cooped up in this office all week. I need to take a nice walk to the lake, and go catch that new time travel movie. I’m a sucker for time travel movies. But… Hotel Transylvania is coming out too! How to decide?!

2 Responses to “Pandaren children will haunt my nightmares”

  1. Jend Says:

    I want a screenshot of the terrifying little panda children!

  2. Kiryn Says:

    And you shall get one, as soon as I am home.